For years, Atrium Health’s commitment to social impact has been steadfast, even as new needs have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, philanthropic support from the Springsteen Foundation is boosting numerous social welfare efforts being championed by Atrium Health in Charlotte’s West Boulevard corridor. With a $25,000 grant from the donor advised fund, which was established by Derick Springsteen Close, Atrium Health can now better serve patients and their families in fragile communities in the Greater Charlotte region.

A pillar of Atrium Health’s social impact strategy is to alleviate social needs that are key determinants of health for vulnerable patients. With funding from the Springsteen Foundation, Atrium Health will hire a geographically-focused community health worker to partner with the West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition and leverage community-based resources to alleviate patients’ most acute social needs. This vital partnership will allow Atrium Health to develop a sustainable healthcare model to improve health equity among residents of the West Boulevard corridor and beyond.