Foundation Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Atrium Health Foundation. As the point of contact for all charitable contributions benefiting Atrium Health in the Charlotte area, we are pleased to work with interested donors in support of the work of Atrium Health physicians, nurses, research scientists, and other talented healthcare providers. Their exceptional efforts benefit people throughout the Carolinas and beyond.

It is an exciting time to assist in advancing the role of philanthropy in healthcare. Donors clearly recognize the importance of healthcare and the significance their donations have upon the level of healthcare available in our community. Philanthropy can substantially enhance healthcare programs and services; and in some cases, it can be the basis for the actual existence of a program or service.

Today, multiple programs and services throughout Atrium Health are being supported or significantly enhanced by philanthropy. Children’s programs, new cardiac initiatives, neurosciences research, and behavioral health issues are just a few of the important areas upon which we are currently focusing.

Additionally, Atrium Health Foundation has been privileged to play a role in developing the vision for Levine Cancer Institute. Changing the way cancer services are delivered in the Carolinas, Levine Cancer Institute is impacting the lives of people in communities from Charleston, South Carolina to the mountains of North Carolina. Underscoring the magnitude of this groundbreaking initiative for cancer care and clinical research, Atrium Health System continues to recruit some of the country’s top cancer specialists. In support of this commitment to providing cancer services throughout the Carolinas, our Foundation is dedicated to generating more than $50 million in philanthropic cancer funds and endowments over the next decade.

There are thousands of examples of people who are helping to improve healthcare in our community. Whether participating in events hosted by Atrium Health Foundation, raising money through organizing their own events, developing online personal fundraising pages, or simply donating directly to their area of interest through an Atrium Health Foundation fund, thousands of people are doing great things on our behalf. In fact, our Foundation receives support from more than 2,500 events and activities annually. Whether large or small, these efforts collectively make a huge impact.

It’s encouraging to watch what can happen when a community pulls together to support excellence in healthcare. Thanks to each and every one of our donors, we are making a difference in the lives of people in the Carolinas each and every day.

Thank you for your interest in our charitable programs. We are honored by your support.


Armando Chardiet