From 6am-11pm on August 14, the community heard heartwarming stories of patients, families, and caregivers at Levine Children’s Hospital from our friends at WCNC-TV, including Fred Shropshire, Sonja Gantt, Colleen Odegaard, Eugene Robinson, and others. Viewers learned about patients of all ages who have received life-saving care at Levine Children’s Hospital, like Dawson (below), who celebrated his 17th birthday at the Give Here For Kids Here Telethon!

With the help of Phone Bank Sponsor, Morris-Jenkins, and generous contributions from community supporters, the Give Here For Kids Here Telethon raised over $100,000 for Levine Children’s Hospital. We are grateful to WCNC-TV and Morris-Jenkins for making the Give Here For Kids Here Telethon possible.

dalton at finale