Imagine the competitiveness of football, similar rules to basketball, and the physically demanding nature of rugby; now add the challenges of paralysis or limitations in at least three of your limbs. This is quad rugby. The Carolina Crash Quad Rugby team (known as ‘the Crash’) is known for their National standing within the United States Quad Rugby Association and has shown many people their abilities rather than their disability. The players of this sport are ruthless! They have defeated the odds and shown people all over the nation where their strength lies.

The Crash was developed in 1995 as part of an overall vision of Carolinas Rehabilitation to serve the sport and recreational needs of its patients through ASAP, the Adaptive Sports and Adventure Program. Additional founding program partners include the Carolinas HealthCare System and Carolinas HealthCare Foundation, as well as several veteran players. The program continues to be funded 100% by philanthropy. The rugby program continued for many years under the direction and sponsorship of ASAP and today Carolinas Rehabilitation and ASAP remain its primary sponsor.

The Crash has taken this season to new heights! It has been an incredible season for this group of extraordinary athletes, who are wrapping up the regular season with an outstanding 14-3 record. Throughout the fall and winter months the Crash has not only attended 4 large and highly competitive tournaments but brought home second place in 3 of the 4, bringing home 3rd place honors in the 4th! They have faced high-caliber teams and have shown that they are one of the best in the nation. The Crash travels to Louisville, Kentucky next week to take on the best teams in the country at the National tournament.

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