This week we spoke with Court Creeden, Financial Advisor and Founder of Parent Financial, about the first installment (March 29) in an upcoming series of complimentary financial seminars offered by Parent Financial. Parent Financial is a committed partner and long-time supporter of Levine Children’s Hospital.

  • Q: Could you elaborate on some of the most important “takeaways” that parents will gain from attending Financial Foundations for Parents?  A: Parents will leave our class with a clear understanding of their current financial picture and leave with a plan to get their financial lives organized. Our goal is to help them take a detailed look at their current plans in the areas of insurance, savings, budgeting and wills. Moms and dads will leave knowing what, if any, aspects of their financial lives need to be addressed or updated to better protect their family and plan for their future.
  • Q: If you had to create a checklist for parents to add to their financial planning that will ensure healthcare needs of their children are covered in the years to come, what essential steps would that list include? A: During a child’s youth, there will be many doctor’s visits whether it be for a cold or a routine check-up. While there is no specific checklist to financially prepare for such visits, we recommend that parents are familiar with and understand their current health care insurance, which also covers their children. Parents should be aware of deductibles, HSA/FSA options, and the maximum out of pocket expenses if there were a major medical expense for their child.
  • Q: Why are the principles being shared during this session so critical to parents of children who may be receiving short or long-term care at Levine Children’s Hospital, or to those who may face an unexpected medical situation as a family in the future? A: The principle of establishing a strong financial foundation is the most important aspect of any financial plan. The concepts discussed in the class will help families build a more secure plan that will help them if they face the challenge of unexpected expenses and/or health issues. For a family that has gone through an unexpected stay at LCH, this seminar will help them understand how best to get their financial lives back on track.
  • Q: Parent Financial has been a long-time partner of Levine Children’s Hospital. And you, yourself, are a member of the Dreamcatcher Society. What have been some of your most rewarding experiences or proudest moments as a Dreamcatcher member and partner of Levine Children’s Hospital? A: As a member of the Dreamcatcher Society as well as the presenting sponsor for the Hopebuilders 5K “Stroller Roller”, which helped raise over $216,000 for the hospital, I find that simply meeting the children and parents who use the facilities to be the most rewarding part of my involvement. Knowing that I have even a small part in helping children have access to the best doctors, facilities, and care means everything to me.

Court Creeden will be leading “Financial Foundations for Parents” on March 29 at Levine Children’s Hospital. To RSVP and for complete program details, please use this link.