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How can I host a fundraising event on behalf of an Atrium Health program or facility?

This third-party fundraising guide outlines our promotional, financial, and gifts processing policies and covers what you must know to help organize a fundraising event on behalf of Atrium Health.

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There are so many choices, how do I even begin to select one?

Many people choose to give to causes that are personal to them – for instance, to improve patient care and fund research on a disease that affected a loved one. If you’re looking for ideas, check out “Find Your Cause” pages on this site. They tell you some of the programs and services that philanthropy […]

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Why do you need my contributions? I thought healthcare receives tremendous government funding.

Healthcare is paid for mainly by patients and their insurance companies. Although federal programs pay some medical bills, they typically do not fully cover the cost of care. Philanthropy enhances existing programs and creates new programs and services that would not otherwise exist because of financial constraints.

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How effective is your Foundation?

We measure our effectiveness by the quality and quantity of programs and services we are able to fund, and people can see the results of our effectiveness throughout Atrium Health. There are many programs and services that would not exist were it not for philanthropy. Every year, we meet or exceed our fundraising goals, and […]

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What is the privacy policy of the Foundation?

Atrium Health Foundation respects the privacy of our website visitors. We do not store sensitive data on our website visitors. Our online donation forms may ask for demographic information to contact you in an effort to raise money for Atrium Health programs and facilities. The money raised will be used to expand and improve the […]

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