On behalf of Levine Cancer Institute, Carolinas HealthCare Foundation recently received a gift in the amount of $32,000 from LCI melanoma advisory committee member David Hodgkins and his organization, The Purple Promise Foundation To End Melanoma.  This generous donation will support Dr. David Foureau and Dr. Richard White’s research project designed to enhance the use of immunotherapeutic agents in the treatment of late-stage melanoma.  Make sure to look for the Duke Energy Center lit purple on Friday, May 29th in honor of The Purple Promise Foundation and to raise awareness for melanoma.

The Purple Promise Foundation To End Melanoma supports melanoma research at Levine Cancer Institute as a tribute to the life and memory of Jessica Dovi.

Pictured: (From Left) Dr. David Foureau, David Hodgkins, Donna Hodgkins, and Dr. Richard White.