Nicole Moore-Deal, a nursing leader and rising star at Atrium Health, provides the expertise behind the patient experience. Nicole currently holds the role of assistant vice president of Patient Care Services and the Clinical Resource Staffing Office, through which she provides direction in achieving outcomes consistent with Atrium Health’s mission to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing – for all.

When Nicole began her nursing career in 2004 as a student at the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, little did she know the crucial role she would have in transforming nursing operations across Atrium Health in the years that followed. After graduating, Nicole began her career with a coveted position as a labor and delivery nurse, the first of many professional opportunities given to the rising nursing leader at Atrium Health.

In her years with Atrium Health, Nicole has cross-trained in numerous subspecialties including telenursing, a role that gave her the flexibility to grow her family. Eventually Nicole – a working mom of three – was recruited by managed services provider Dawson Healthcare to become a project leader for a contract with Atrium Health, through which Nicole helped to establish Atrium Health’s Resource Team. Atrium Health leaders took notice; as the contract period ended, Patricia Mook, vice president of Nursing Operations, recruited Nicole for a newly created leadership role within Corporate Operations.



One of the greatest challenges facing Atrium Health and hospitals across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been periods of critical staffing shortages. In her current role with Atrium Health, Nicole has proved she is well-prepared to face this challenge head-on. Working with Nursing Professional Development and labor management teams, Nicole has led her colleagues to cross-train teammates and consolidate nursing float pools, allowing Atrium Health to focus available nursing resources on areas of greatest need. As a result, Nicole is now working with teams across the Atrium Health enterprise to expand this promising model to hospital facilities outside of Charlotte.

Nicole also serves on the COVID-19 Vaccination Oversight Committee, helping to lead mass vaccination events facilitated by Atrium Health nurses and developing tactics to support nurses through team building. When not participating directly in COVID-19 relief efforts, Nicole represents Atrium Health nurses on the Health Literacy Task Force and leads planning committees for the Year of the Nurse and Healthcare Provider Week recognition programs.

These contributions alone demonstrate Nicole’s talent for leadership, but what really makes this rising star stand out as a gifted clinician is her commitment to improving health – for all.

As Atrium Health experiences continued growth throughout our region, it is critical that we also grow the future nursing leaders who will provide our patients with unparalleled care. Atrium Health Foundation has taken on the charge to support our nurses through the Atrium Health Nursing Fund. Gifts to the fund help to advance the nursing profession at Atrium Health by providing enhanced medical technology, educational resources, and opportunities for professional development that will grow our nursing leadership, now and in the future.

During National Nurses Month and year-round, community members are encouraged to recognize “Nursing Stars” like Nicole by making an honorary gift to the Atrium Health Nursing Fund. Click here to make a gift or to learn more about the Atrium Health Nursing Stars program.