May is for Miracles. Learn more about the many regional partners making miracles this May through local (ongoing) campaigns supporting your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Levine Children’s Hospital.

Meet Heggie:

When he was just eight months old, Heggie was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome – a rare form of epilepsy. Since that day, Heggie’s parents have worked closely with Levine Children‛s Hospital for his care. Heggie’s family has not only grown close to all of the caregivers at the hospital, they decided to move directly across the street from the hospital to ensure Heggie could get the best care within a moment‛s notice.

Today, Heggie is hitting all the milestones that a two year old should make.

“We are blessed with two miracles,” says Heggie’s mom, “one being Heggie, and the other being Levine for the love and care to keep our son well.”