Erica had just married the man of her dreams, and was thinking “baby,” not cancer. When the vibrant 32 year old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was forced to put her family plans on hold to battle the illness.

Within a year, Erica had completed her treatment at Levine Cancer Institute and was excited to move on with her life. She and her husband adopted a beautiful baby daughter and began celebrating the various milestones. Just before her baby’s first birthday, cancer interrupted Erica’s life a second time.

Again, Erica turned to the expertise of Levine Cancer Institute where she receives treatment just 20 minutes from her work. The availability of such high level cancer services in Charlotte allows Erica to continue to be the wife and mother she always dreamed of being. Some days seem very long for Erica, but knowing that everything she loves is close by, keeps her moving forward.

Erica refuses to allow cancer to define her; she is determined to define herself. Working together, Erica and her expert team of caregivers at Levine Cancer Institute are preparing for the many additional milestones that she and her family will share in years to come.


Defining Moments: An Absolute Commitment to the Fight

Levine Cancer Institute was formed in 2010 by Carolinas Healthcare System as a part of an innovative vision to bring world-class cancer care directly to our communities.

At Levine Cancer Institute, we are joining the ranks of the medical elite. Absolute in our commitment to fight cancer, we have decided to do things differently. Not only are we changing the way people with cancer are treated in the Carolinas, we are revolutionizing the standard for cancer care across the nation.

A $20 million gift from the Leon Levine Foundation enabled our vision to become a reality. The epicenter for the work of Levine Cancer Institute was built on the campus of Carolinas Medical Center. While the Institute functions as a series of integrated cancer programs system-wide, this six story, state-of-the-art facility encourages a synergy among everyone involved in the treatment process. As a result, a network of some of the most advanced cancer physicians and facilities in the Carolinas is emerging.

Over the next decade, we will invest more than $500 million towards cancer services. We are doing this because it desperately needs to be done, and because we are among the few who can.

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