In just six years, Levine Cancer Institute has expanded into a regional network, extending across 25 sites to bring world-class cancer care to patients, close to home. The Institute’s latest addition – a second building adjacent to the original facility established in 2012 – opened in April, thanks to the generosity of Sandra and Leon Levine. Following their gift of $25 million to support the expansion, others were compelled to follow suit. Many of them gathered on April 5 to celebrate the extraordinary gifts that helped make the new building a reality.

Guests enjoyed tours of the new 260,000 square foot facility, which coupled with the existing building, represents the largest amount of contiguous space Atrium Health has dedicated to any specialty in its system. The new space expands hematologic, thoracic, and G/I oncology programs while offering new translational research capacity in several specialties. There is also dedicated space for continued growth of survivorship programs, supportive oncology, rehabilitation, and telemedicine services.

“We believe healthcare investments have the power to build thriving and successful communities for generations to come,” said Tom Lawrence, Executive Director of The Leon Levine Foundation, who attended the grand opening. “We’re excited to celebrate the opening of LCI II, which will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of so many.”