Erin Sipe describes herself as a Christ-follower, wife, mother of two daughters, and native of North Carolina. In 2010, at age 34, Erin added a new title to the list: “thriver.”

After being diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, that had metastasized to her liver, Erin began treatment at what is now known as Levine Cancer Institute. Kevin Sipe, Erin’s best friend and husband, has served as a supporter throughout the journey.

After treatment, Erin was in remission for five years and continued routine check-ups.

In 2017, a scan showed the presence of tumors on Erin’s spine, followed by the discovery of spots in her brain. A team of physicians from Levine Cancer Institute collaborated with other oncologists to customize a treatment plan for Erin.

When asked about their experiences with Atrium Health, Kevin expressed gratitude for this personalized care: “You’re a person, not just a patient.” He noted healthcare cannot be treated as a task, but instead requires compassion and relationship-building. “Patients at Levine Cancer Institute often receive life-transforming diagnoses, and it truly makes a difference to have providers who emotionally invest in their work.”

For more information on supporting the breast cancer program and patients like Erin, contact Katherine Murphy at 704-355-4048.