On July 7, James M. Horton, MD, of Atrium Health’s CMC Division of Infectious Disease, was announced the recipient of the 2015 Watanakunakorn Clinician Award. This prestigious award is given annually by the IDSA Education and Research Foundation to an IDSA member or fellow in recognition of outstanding achievement in the clinical practice of infectious diseases. Dr. Horton has demonstrated his enduring commitment to the field through excellence in patient and clinical care, patient advocacy, community education, and related community service.

As a Watanakunakorn Award recipient Dr. Horton has earned the distinction of IDSA Fellow (FIDSA) — a designation that the Society reserves for leaders in its ranks — in recognition of his accomplishments. We applaud Dr. Horton for his distinguished service, through which he continues to advance Atrium Health as a leading healthcare provider in the region and nation.

Atrium Health Foundation has established the Carolinas Infectious Disease Fund to support Dr. Horton’s work and the research interests of the Division of Infectious Disease, including prevention and treatment of multidrug resistant infections, understanding the impact of microbes on human health and illness, and promoting early identification and treatment of HIV infected patients. To make a gift in in support of the Carolinas Infectious Disease Fund, please click here. The Carolinas Infectious Disease Fund is listed on the subsequent drop-down menu under “Special Funds”.