On Saturday, March 2, nearly 400 people attended the Beyond the Pink Runway benefiting the Sandra Levine Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program at Atrium Health Levine Cancer. Dreamed up by Dr. Lejla Hadzikadic-Gusic, who co-directs the program, and her dear friend, Sandra Goldman, the fashion show provided a unique opportunity to empower women living with breast cancer and celebrate their close connections with care team members.

“I see people at their lows, and I see them at their highs,” said Dr. Hadzikadic-Gusic to a sold-out crowd. “And the look and smile on their faces at their highs is infectious…I wanted our ladies [tonight] to have this moment of power and energy and fabulousness back, and I hope this moment in time stays with them forever.”

She was joined on stage by Sandra, a 14-year breast cancer patient and dedicated supporter of breast cancer research and detection initiatives.

“Tonight is about gratitude. Gratitude for the progress we’ve made, for the advances in treatment and research, and for the unwavering support of our healthcare teammates who stand by our side every step of the way,” said Sandra. “As we come together tonight, we are also honoring the brightest light of all, a woman who is very dear to my heart, Sandra Levine.”

Special guest Sandra Levine was honored for her family’s transformational support of the Sandra Levine Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program, which was established in 2016 with a $1 million gift from the Leon Levine Foundation. At the time, the program was one of only four in the country. Today, it remains the only program of its kind in the Southeast and has served over 800 women under the age of 45.

With leading support from the Leon Levine Foundation, the Beyond the Pink Runway raised over $150,000 for the Sandra Levine Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program, ensuring young women have access to tailored services, including genetic counseling, fertility preservation, peer support groups, integrative oncology, and more.


With special thanks to our runway pairs:

Adela Climastone with Deba Sarma, MD 

Catalina Contreras with Dr. Melissa Matulis 

Nicole Cyrille-Superville with Anegla Hamilton, RN 

Misty Gordon with Lejla Hadzikadic-Gusic, MD 

Yunna Jones with Julie Fisher, MD 

Virginia Ramos with Teresa Carpenter, NP 

Caitlin Reese with Antionette Tan, MD 

Angela Sells with Amy Sobel, MD 

Marni Strumwasser with Ariel Heeke, MD 

Samantha Turner with Delois DeShazo, RN