Pictured above: (left) Robbie with his Cardiac Rehab team from CHS-Union; (right) Robbie with his daughter.

When Robbie Ossman, a Registered Nurse for the Department of Emergency Management for Atrium Health, unexpectedly went into Congestive Heart Failure last March due to a viral infection in his heart, his role changed in an instant from caregiver to patient. After being treated by physicians at Atrium Health’s Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, Robbie (who counts one of his most important roles as that of single dad to his eight-year-old daughter) was given a second chance at a healthy life through the CHS-Union Cardiac Rehabilitation team.

By following a medication regimen and a heart-healthy diet, as well as following the recommended exercise programs developed by his cardiac rehabilitation team, Robbie was able to avoid more invasive procedures, such as undergoing a heart transplant or implantation of an internal defibrillator. “Initially,” Robbie shared, “I did not qualify for Cardiac Rehab, but as a nurse I knew I needed it.  The team at CHS-Union Cardiac Rehab was able to get me approved for a scholarship provided by funds raised by the annual Cupid’s Cup 5K.  This year, thanks to the team at Sanger Heart & Vascular [Institute] and CHS-Union Cardiac Rehab, I am not only able to participate in the Cupid’s Cup, I am the team Captain for Team Braveheart.”

Since going through the cardiac rehab program and increasing his heart function through diet, exercise, and the appropriate medications prescribed by providers at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, Robbie has been able to return full-time to work. But first and foremost, he remarked, “I get to continue being a Daddy!”

To run alongside Robbie during the Cupid’s Cup 5K, and/or to support his team’s fundraising efforts for Atrium Health’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs: