Life changes in the blink of an eye: One day, the Ussery family had three healthy triplets; the next day one of their precious six-year-olds, Maddyn, faced a life-threatening virus that was attacking her heart. Maddyn had been in good health, visiting the pediatrician only for the occasional fever and cold. Unfortunately for Maddyn and her family, it was a common cold that attacked her heart and quickly turned into a grave situation.

With the care and dedication of a skilled medical team at Levine Children’s Hospital, Maddyn proved she was a true fighter – surviving two heart surgeries, a stroke, and a brain surgery in just a matter of weeks. Physical and occupational therapists at Levine Children’s Hospital helped Maddyn regain her motor skills and learn to walk again. Now on the road to recovery, every step Maddyn takes feels like a miracle to her family.

Maddyn’s recovery has been remarkable to her family, as well as to her medical team. After 75 days at Levine Children’s Hospital, Maddyn finally returned home this April.


Pictured: After 75 days in the hospital, Maddyn and her new giraffe friend (named Henry) left Levine Children’s Hospital with a smile!