Davis was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on April 30, 2015.  His family turned to Levine Children’s Hospital for the medical care Davis would need to control his body’s response to the complex disease.

His mother, Nancy, recounts: “It was an overwhelming time. We left the hospital with two types of insulin, needles, a glucagon shot, blood sugar meters, lancets and test strips for the meters. But also, because of healthcare providers like Dr. Vanderwel and Kari Conroy, we left Levine Children’s Hospital with a sense of hope for Davis’ future and hope that we could manage the diabetes so that Davis could lead a normal, active life.”

Davis and his family were fortunate to have a great support system throughout his medical journey. But even with the benefits of insurance and the support of friends and family, it was still a time of adjustment and grief as they mourned the loss of a “carefree” childhood for Davis, one that would now require constant monitoring to stay alive. Eventually, the family turned this medical crisis into an opportunity to help others facing a similar situation.

Giving Back

In response to their positive experience, Davis and his family are giving back to support Levine Children’s Hospital by raising funds to lessen the financial burden associated with diabetic care for patients at LCH. Donate here today.