It was May of 2018 when Aiden, then six years-old, came down with a cough that made his mother, Rechelle, think: something is not right. A week later Aiden’s eyes were swollen. Though his symptoms characterized an allergic reaction, they significantly worsened as time went on. Later that summer, a trip to the ER followed by tests at Levine Children’s Hospital revealed a serious diagnosis.

“Once we reached Levine’s and got admitted, I met the woman that would change our lives,” said Rechelle. “Dr. Massengill was the pediatric nephrologist on call that day, and I didn’t know it then, but this was the biggest blessing I had never asked for.”

Dr. Susan Massengill, medical director of the nephrology program at Levine Children’s, carefully explained Aiden’s diagnosis: Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome (also known as MCD). Armed with this new knowledge, Aiden and his family could finally address his symptoms. Dr. Massengill devised a rigorous treatment plan, including an immunosuppressant medication Aiden takes to combat the chronic condition that prevents his kidneys from functioning properly, which can lead painful symptoms such as edema, or swelling.

While there is no cure for Aiden’s condition, he continues to receive the very best care available to treat MCD. Thankfully, the condition is one of the most treatable of kidney diseases, particularly in children.

The support of philanthropy and proceeds from fundraising events, including the Hopebuilders 5K, help to ensure Aiden receives the very best care where he needs it most – close to home. On October 12, 2019, a group of dedicated medical providers from the hospital’s nephrology program will walk, run and BUILD HOPE on the Hopebuilders 5K fundraising team “KIDney Krusaders”.

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Pictured: Aiden with his physician, Dr. Massengill.