Larry Sprinkle is a long-beloved community figure. He has anchored and reported the news at WCNC for 30+years and has dedicated the majority of his volunteer time to raising money for local charities, including Levine Children’s Hospital. When he was injured in a devastating car accident in 2016, it was the community’s turn to give back.

Larry sustained life-threatening injuries and spent weeks at Carolinas Medical Center prior to beginning a six-week, inpatient rehabilitation journey at Carolinas Rehabilitation. Here, his care team, led by Dr. Vishwa Raj, rallied around him. In addition to the support of his family, loyal viewers and community members gave Larry hope through cards, prayers and email messages. His co-workers also paid him special visits.

“I remember sitting in my wheelchair and watching people walk and just looking fascinated thinking I hope I can do that one day.  I hope I can stand up and walk,” Larry said.

Gradually, Sprinkle moved from the wheelchair to walking with a walker, and then a cane. After he was released, he returned for outpatient sessions two to three times a week.

Today, Larry is not only walking – he’s back on the air at WCNC. He credits the rigorous physical therapy sessions and his care team at Carolinas Rehabilitation. They are astounded by his progress.

And now Larry has given back once again, serving as the guest speaker at Carolinas Rehab’s “Hearts for Rehab” gala. “They gave me hope,” he said, “and they got me back on my feet.”

Former Carolinas Rehab patient Larry Sprinkle says the accident has changed his perspective: “I’m more concerned about the way life should be lived and how you need to slow down…that you need to take time to not only work but have some free time and time to yourself, family and friends.”