Levine Cancer: Project PINK

Use the link below to make your donation in support of Levine Cancer: Project PINK.

To register for a screening date, call 980-442-3056 or email LCIProjectPink@atriumhealth.org.

Levine Cancer: Project PINK was established to increase access to life-saving mammography screenings for uninsured women. Donations to The Project PINK Fund allow for “Free Mammography Days” in underserved communities where the need is highest. In partnership with Charlotte Radiology, the program’s state-of-the-art mobile breast center travels throughout the community offering free screenings in a convenient, compassionate environment.

project-pink-busLevine Cancer: Project PINK allows eligible women a free screening mammogram and follow-up care (diagnostic screening, ultrasound, biopsy) if recommended.

Levine Cancer: Project PINK Plus provides women who have an existing breast lump or other concern the opportunity to receive a free diagnostic mammogram and follow-up care.

If there is a positive cancer finding during either program, the patient will be navigated throughout the entire treatment from diagnosis to survivorship.

Support from local organizations, community partners, and other generous donations to the Project PINK Fund make these programs possible. Together we are saving lives. To register for a screening date, call 980-442-3056 or email LCIProjectPink@atriumhealth.org