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Integrative Oncology at Levine Cancer Institute

The aim of Integrative Oncology is to support our patients and their caregivers throughout their cancer journey, help manage treatment side effects, reduce risk for recurrence and improve quality of life while also steering patients away from potentially dangerous “alternative” interventions. The Integrative Oncology consult clinic provides everyone with an individualized health and wellness plan, focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual needs, including: safe use of vitamins and supplements; stress management; nutrition; physical activity; managing side effects of cancer and cancer treatment; and reducing risk of recurrence, secondary cancers and other health conditions.

Integrative Oncology groups and classes offered by Levine Cancer Institute not only impact the patient but also their loved ones. Our groups and classes provide evidence-based activities for depression, fatigue, pain management and stress. Groups and classes are available throughout the network in person and virtually. Visits to our groups and classes exceeded 1,500 in 2019 across the network.



The impact of your gifts:

A Gift of $100 Can Fund

  • Two group art classes
  • Two Oncology Massage Sessions

A Gift of $500 Can Fund

  • Weekly Yoga for four months
  • 10 acupuncture sessions

A Gift of $100 Can Fund

  • Four hours of infusion art
  • Two Healing Touch sessions

A Gift of $500 Can Fund

  • Music Therapist for two days
  • Weekly Meditation for four months



Healing Arts are an important aspect of Integrative Oncology that help patients, care partners and staff express experiences through creative endeavors. No artistic or musical experience is necessary to benefit. The philanthropic support of SherryStrong, 24 Foundation and the Mea Pierman Fund provided the opportunity to grow therapeutic arts activities across the network. Expansion includes an artist-in-residence and therapeutic art and music therapy in the bone marrow transplant unit and inpatient oncology units. Our music therapy program benefits from a close relationship with Queens University of Charlotte’s music therapy department. Our artists-in-residence program saw nearly 5,000 patient encounters in 2019, and our board-certified music therapist saw nearly 1,200 patient visits.

Levine Cancer Institute Supportive Oncology

The Department of Supportive Oncology is an integrated, multidisciplinary team that provides support to Levine Cancer Institute patients through an array of innovative programs and services. Supportive care in cancer is the prevention and management of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. This includes management of physical and psychological symptoms and side effects across the continuum of the cancer experience from diagnosis through treatment to post-treatment care. Enhancing rehabilitation, secondary cancer prevention, survivorship and end-of-life care are integral to supportive care.

Benefits of Supportive Care include: alleviation of symptoms and complications of cancer; prevention or reduction of treatment toxicities; improved communication between patients and caregivers; increased tolerance, and thus benefits, of active therapy; easing of the emotional burden for patients and caregivers; and psychosocial support for cancer survivors.

Other essential aspects of Supportive Oncology include Spiritual Care, Oncology Nutrition, Patient Navigation, and Palliative Oncology Care:

  • Spiritual Care: With the support of generous donors, Levine Cancer Institute is excited to have our very own designated chaplain, Petra Sprik, MDiv, MPH, BCC. Petra partners with patients, care partners and teammates to assist with meaning-making, prayers and rituals, processing distress, diagnosis and prognosis and end-of-life conversations. The chaplain also assists with legacy work and is involved with advanced directives and ethics consults.
  • The Oncology Nutrition section seeks to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients through their cancer journey by optimizing nutrition intake to maintain appropriate nutritional status, manage side effects, maintain treatment regimens and to help prevent recurrence when treatment is complete.
  • Patient navigation at Levine Cancer Institute gives patients, families and caregivers personal assistance throughout all phases of the cancer experience. Our team aims to help patients better understand the healthcare system and connects them to the exceptional medical care they need.
  • Oncology palliative medicine provides specialized medical care to cancer patients experiencing distress at any point in their cancer journey. It is a medical specialty that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach aimed at improving quality of life through symptom management, support, care coordination and advanced care planning


LCI Supportive Oncology: Best in its Class

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) recently honored Levine Cancer Institute as North Carolina’s only Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care. ESMO only bestows this honor on “cancer centers which provide comprehensive services in supportive and palliative care as part of their routine care” and who achieve a “high standard of integration” in doing so.


How you can make a difference:

The Carolinas Supportive Oncology Fund, administered by Atrium Health Foundation on behalf of Levine Cancer Institute, supports safe, evidence-based complimentary therapies combined with the best conventional cancer treatments and medical practices. Supportive and Integrative Oncology, like so many other vital patient resources at Levine Cancer Institute, rely on philanthropy to have the greatest impact on patients served by Levine Caner Institute. Donate now using this link or contact us to learn more about how you can support the Supportive and Integrative Oncology sections of Levine Cancer Institute.


Where to find Levine Cancer Institute’s Supportive and Integrative Oncology Services:

In keeping with the LCI philosophy of world class cancer care for every community, our department has worked to develop programs across the region (pictured in map below) beginning with foundational services like social work and nutrition while building up to subspecialty medical care delivered both in person and virtually. The 7th floor of Levine Cancer Institute’s Building II, located on the main campus of Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, is devoted entirely to supportive oncology services and is the largest amount of square footage devoted to supportive oncology in the world. Features of the floor include a suite of conference rooms that overlook the Charlotte skyline; these rooms host administrative meetings, support groups, classes and other activities. There are nourishment stations with beverages and snacks positioned throughout the suite for use by patients, visitors and staff. In addition to the rehabilitation gym and palliative medicine infusion suite, the space houses an acupuncture suite and spaces for massage therapy and healing touch.

Regional Integrative Oncology program locations:


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