Below you will find caregiver instructions and guidance on making a Grateful Patient referral.

Atrium Health Foundation has established the Grateful Patient Program to provide opportunities for patients and family members to express their gratitude for the care they have received at Atrium Health, while recognizing the expertise and quality of care provided by their medical team.

Grateful patients assist in enhancing care today while also laying the groundwork for future medical innovations through research. Gifts, large and small, from grateful patients and their families provide funding for your service line and advance Atrium Health’s mission:

To improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing – for all.

(See also: Grateful Patient Donation Form)


What makes a grateful patient program successful?

A grateful patient is a prospective donor whose life and good health have been preserved or enhanced through the use of the institution’s healthcare services. Grateful patients characteristically display:

  • Interest in a project, program, physician, nurse, or team of caregivers
  • Capacity to make a significant gift
  • Gratitude for the care provided

A successful grateful patient program provides patients and their families with a meaningful way to recognize caregivers and a tangible means to express their appreciation for the excellent care given by the institution. Many of our programs and technologies have been made possible through Grateful Patient donor support.

Please note the following Development teammates at Atrium Health Foundation to assist you with your service-line grateful patient fundraising needs:

Levine Cancer Institute:

Page Stroup, 704-355-0951

Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute:

Mark Griffith, 704-355-4096

Levine Children’s:

Mark Griffith, 704-355-4096

Kellie McGregor, 704-355-0842

Musculoskeletal Institute:

Atrium Health Foundation 704-355-4048


Ellyn Brotherton, 704-355-4298

Behavioral Health:

Ellyn Brotherton, 704-355-4298

Perspective Health/Wellness:

Armando Chardiet, 704-355-4048

Mark Griffith, 704-355-4096

Carolinas Rehabilitation:

Mark Griffith, 704-355-4096

Sarah Trimmer, 704-355-1955


Mark Griffith, 704-355-4096

Planned Giving:

Atrium Health Foundation 704-355-4048

Women’s Health Services:

Atrium Health Foundation 704-355-4048



It is the Foundation’s priority to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the physician-patient relationship. Foundation staff is aware of appropriate HIPAA regulations and maintains strict compliance. HIPAA guidelines relating to philanthropy and grateful patient fundraising allow:

• Providers to refer patient names to the facility’s affiliated foundation for fundraising purposes.
• The Foundation’s staff to have access to patient admissions and census lists.
• The Foundation’s staff to have full lists of patients categorized by physician names.
• Providers to invite patients to fundraising events.


Providers: Visit Atrium Health Physician Connect obtain a print/email-ready patient contact (referral) form to utilize when you identify a grateful patient.