Looking for a way to support Atrium Health during these uncertain times? We’re asking donors to go the distance for Atrium Health and our community.

The Atrium Health Essential Needs Fund will be used to support Atrium Health’s response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and future essential needs, as identified by the Foundation and Atrium Health.

Support the Atrium Health Essential Needs Fund today:



Where your support is needed most:


Medical Equipment 

Funds to cover needs such as cloth mask production, 3D printing of face shields, ordering ventilator parts, etc.




Innovation and Telehealth

Telehealth resources are being deployed to provide continuity for families who are unable to visit Atrium Health facilities in person. Funds support these new pathways for telehealth, COVID screening bots and other innovation activities to support the COVID-19 response.




Technology to enable access for patients, families, clinicians and team members to maintain uninterrupted communications while observing “stay at home” orders and social distancing. The surge of demand for remote access requires immense resources.



Temporary lodging for patient families, caregivers

Funds are needed to cover hotel rooms/lodging for those who need to be quarantined or isolated and for caregivers concerned about returning to their homes while actively working.