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With some organizations, I’ve noticed that the monthly charge on my credit card never seems to stop. How do I notify you when I want my gift to end?

You won’t need to. If you choose to contribute for one year, we will not automatically renew your gift beyond that period. We will check in with you to ask if you would like to extend the gift. Unless you tell us to continue, the charges will stop.

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If I make a gift, will I be deluged with cards, calendars, free stamps and appeals?

Atrium Health Foundation aims to respect your time. We do not inundate our donors with materials. Donors can opt in or out of occasional email updates and newsletters and control the correspondence they receive.

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Will you publicize that I contributed?

Because we honor the privacy of donors, we do not publish or publicize donor lists, except for contributions to capital campaigns. We sometimes announce very large gifts, after consultation with the donor. Donors can always choose to contribute anonymously. If you are donating to honor somebody, we send a note to the person being honored […]

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I no longer wish to receive fundraising solicitations. How do I stop receiving them?

Atrium Health Foundation respects the privacy and wishes of our donors. If you would like to stop receiving fundraising related information, you can contact us by any of the following methods:

Phone – 704-355-4048
Email –
Mail – Write to us at Atrium Health Foundation, 7800 Providence Road, Suite 208, Charlotte, NC 28226

Please feel […]

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