Although our community has endured challenging times, one thing has remained steadfast, and that is hope.

Despite the pandemic, we continue to find our bright spots. Every day, we celebrate new beginnings at Levine Children’s – where patients take their first breaths, recover from cancer, receive new hearts, and take their first steps after an injury.

Because of community support, children who are treated at Levine Children’s have a brighter future. Emmett has access to the best heart care, as well as a team of specialists who treat her rare genetic disorder. Scarlett, barely over a pound at birth, was kept alive by high-tech equipment made possible through philanthropy. And Kahlil was cured of sickle cell anemia after a bone marrow transplant (BMT) in our BMT unit, which was funded through community donations.

As we celebrate those who got us to this point, we look with hope to the future – our children.

Help us provide the very best care – for all – by making a gift that is meaningful and appropriate to you and your family.